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Team Members

Kenda Wallace Founder

And Investigator

Diploma in Paranormal Scientific Analysis

Diploma in Advanced Scientific Theory for the Paranormal

Diploma in Modern Demonology

Tyler Pollock Co Founder

And Investigator

Alisa Shimko & Jordan Slaugh

Case Managers

And Investigators

          What we do

We are Paranormal Investigators.

We investigate personal homes, Businesses and Land. 


P.A.R.T. Of Colorado supplies information (free of charge) to the best of our abilities to witnesses and the general public interested in all areas of the paranormal from a neutral perspective with respect and dignity to all beliefs and faiths. In a nutshell, we’re looking into everything from an absolutely neutral position… neither believers nor non-believers and we’re doing this to the best of our abilities respecting philosophies and beliefs of those around us.


We help people understand and cope with possible paranormal activity in their homes or businesses by providing them with reliable investigative evidence, guidance, and support.

We use the most up-to-date audio, video and surveillance equipment to document our investigations, and we constantly exchange ideas and information with other nationally recognized paranormal investigation teams in a continuing effort to improve our investigation techniques and remain at the forefront of paranormal research.


“We believe in paranormal phenomena. We believe that odd things happen and are experienced by people and those things are labeled paranormal… What really causes them? We honestly don’t know… That’s what we are looking into. It’s a mystery.”

Serving Colorado and Utah

Current research interests:

Life After Death Studies (Near-Death, Shared-Death, Terminal Lucidity, etc.).

To Develop new and/or more stringent field investigation protocols.

Parapsychology and paranormal research.

Investigate conditions that lead to anomalous experiences and conduct field experiments under these conditions.

Conduct research on Induced After Death Communications (I.A.D.C.).

Studying how various locations, situations and psycho-physical variables affect external random physical systems.

The role of different emotions and their influence on the environment and external random physical systems.

The role of transliminality and paranormal belief play in having subjective and/or objective experiences at reportedly haunted locations.

The potential for using the combination of various existing technologies to detect instances of survival of consciousness (i.e. ghosts) in field based research and investigations.

YouTube: PART of Colorado - YouTube

Facebook: (9) P A R T of Colorado | Facebook

We are a NON-Profit Paranormal Team.      Contact us at

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